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A barbecue represents one of the best ways to enjoy outside dining in the summer months. It also represents a big investment for you in terms of cash, time and effort cleaning when dinner is over. Don’t waste the afternoon or evening slaving away of the still hot remains of your meal – there’s no need to when you use our service for barbecue cleaning in Melbourne. It’s an easy way to get your BBQ professionally cleaned and sanitised by a team of expert cleaners – we’ll come right out to your property, armed with a selection of advanced cleaning tools and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, ready to tackle even the worst deposits of fat and grease inside your barbecue.


Paul's Oven Cleaning Melbourne Amelia Ransom

Our family uses the BBQ very frequently and we needed a clean-up. Your cleaners did a wonderful job.
Paul's Oven Cleaning Melbourne Norman Mills

My BBQ was so greasy after the summer, that I thought it's impossible to clean it. But you proved me wrong! Thanks for the...
Paul's Oven Cleaning Melbourne Charlotte Dahlenburg

After a dinner party with friends I saw that the BBQ is really greasy and needs cleaning. I booked a BBQ cleaning session...
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Even if you’ve been overlooking the cleaning of your BBQ for an extended period, our barbecue cleaning professionals will be able to get amazing results restoring it to as close to its original condition as possible. All of our cleaners are specially trained in the use of our advanced cleaning technology and methods, and each has been fully vetted for your peace of mind. This combination results in cleaning of a superior quality, enabling you and your family to get back to the enjoyment of your al fresco dining experience with no worries over who’s going to do the cleaning afterwards!

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At Paul’s Cleaning Melbourne we’re committed to provide our customers with convenience, excellence and affordability through our range of evening and weekend appointments, our dedication to outstanding service and our competitive pricing and special deals. These deals are a great way to save yourself money on top of the fantastic value already offered by our top of the range cleaning services. For example, combine your need for BBQ cleaning in Melbourne with fridge cleaning or a complete one off cleaning service, for example, and you’ll be in line for a serious discount.